On the warm and breezy evening of May 13, 2020, Sanibel Waves Radio was launched by our fabulous sponsors. We gathered around to celebrate, 6-feet apart, on a deck in the treetops of Sanibel. Everyone, including the palm fronds, was smiling. It’s a new era on Sanibel. We’re beginning a new life in the aftermath of Covid-19. Hotels are taking reservations for arrivals starting this Saturday, restaurants are providing dining experiences in person and residents are now familiar with the amazing take-out opportunities and curb side services offered by island businesses.

sanibel waves sponsors launch radio station

We’ve adapted to a new way of life these past six weeks. For the better? Maybe. How’d we do it? We listened to the comforting sounds of Sanibel Waves Radio while we played the hand we were dealt.

We hope you’ll find comfort in our wattage for the cottage too. Tune in anytime, anywhere and on any device. Near or far, you can now have the sounds of Sanibel with you wherever you are : )